Safety and Shelter Tips for Outdoor and Feral Cats During the Winter Season!

If you have an indoor/outdoor cat who absolutely insists on going outside during the freezing temperatures, it is important that you create a safety outlet for her/him near your home. A warm shelter with food and water can make a large impact on preserving your pet’s health and safety.

As for feral cats, it may be hard for them to seek the shelter that will help aid in their survival. Although, feral cats are naturals when it comes to seeking shelter- it can be very rough during these unbearably cold times.

To help provide shelter for outdoor and feral cats, we have created a list of easy, helpful ways to provide life-saving shelter areas.Ferral Cat

Simple and Safe Ways to Provide Safety and Shelter to Outdoor and Feral Cats

  1. Always check underneath your car before you get ready to drive. Many cats will seek shelter and warmth by finding a safe spot underneath your car or in the engine. We recommend that before starting your car, please investigate any areas underneath your car. Sometimes, making loud noises may help those to abandon your car area so that you can safely drive it away without anyone getting harmed.
  1. Leave out a fresh bowl of water on a mat outside. As the temperatures drop below freezing, we recommend helping prevent the fresh water bowl from freezing by changing the water frequently, or you can purchase a safe, water-heated bowl to store in a dry area outside.
  1. Provide a cat shelter house, or a sturdy box, to leave outside. This will provide outdoor animals with a shelter for warmth. It is best to keep shelter boxes small in size in order to help trap the heat within. Some cat houses have heating options so that the warmth can help protect the animal from the freezing temperatures outside; These are available for purchase online through most websites.