Whole Health Care

Complementary Care

Mainstream treatments combined with therapeutic disciplines, like laser therapy.

South Town Animal Hospital is dedicated to delivering the most effective treatments to our patients including the latest advances in veterinary medicine along with proven traditional treatments.

We have expanded our services to offer complementary and conventional medicine. Complementary medicine includes therapeutic disciplines, like laser therapy and whole food supplements, that are used in conjunction with mainstream treatments. Through this multi-faceted approach, we are able to offer additional treatment options for the best possible outcome.

South Town offers the many benefits of laser therapy for our patients. This therapy is safe and backed by clinical studies both in veterinary and human medicine.

Laser therapy works to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Accelerate the healing process
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce the need for prescription drugs


This therapy is helpful in treating a wide variety of conditions from arthritis and other joint issues to skin irritation and infections. We provide Laser Therapy with all soft tissue surgeries to help reduce pain and speed healing.

These non-invasive complementary therapies can enhance your pet’s existing treatment programs and decrease recovery time after surgical procedures.

Preventative & Medical Care

Our preventative medicine approach is as unique as your pet.

We are committed to practicing high quality medicine by tailoring our methods to fit your pet’s lifestyle and health.

South Town Animal Hospital offers compassionate and comprehensive care to our patients. A lapdog does not have the same preventative care needs as a hunting dog; nor an indoor cat versus a cat that goes outside.

Preventative care includes vaccinating your pet against diseases. Proper vaccination can spare your pets from potentially deadly diseases such as rabies and distemper. At South Town, we take a conservative approach to vaccination protocols. We will work with you to evaluate your pet’s lifestyle, and develop a vaccination protocol that is unique to your pet’s specific needs.

Our veterinarians understand the needs of your pet through every stage of life. Because our pets do age so quickly, we recommend regular, comprehensive physical exams. For pets in their golden years, we offer a wide range of wellness services to help detect and treat any problems as early as possible.

Preventative Medicine Services:

  • Physical Examinations
  • Recommended vaccinations or titers
  • Intestinal Parasite Screening
  • Flea & Tick Prevention
  • Heartworm testing
  • Nutritional and Weight Management Counseling
  • Behavioral Consultations


Medical Services:

  • Glaucoma testing
  • Digital Radiography
  • Dental Radiography
  • In hospital bloodwork for rapid results
  • Additional diagnostic testing through reference lab
  • Board certified veterinary consultation network
  • Ultrasound services
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • In hospital laboratory
  • Allergy consultations South Town is committed to treating the whole pet using multiple treatment methods.


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