Cats and Christmas Trees- Not the Best Combination of Friends

Christmas trees generally are one of the most common trees that people place into their homes during the holiday season. With many decorations, Christmas trees can pose as a danger to your pets- especially cats.


Cats are naturally very curious creatures. Once you set up your Christmas tree inside your house- they are going to want to explore it. Climbing, clawing, chewing, and hiding may be some of the fascinating things your cat does to interact with that pine tree that’s placed in your family room! Not only can your cat tip over your Christmas tree, but he could get electrocuted if he chews on the lighting. Tinsel is a popular choice for holiday tree decorations, due to its sparkle and shine, but it can be very dangerous to both cats and dogs. Although you may be able to “pet-proof” around your tree, we recommend finding a sparkly alternative decoration that’s safe for your furry loved ones.