Why Is My Pet Vomiting?

Dog named Sophie

You wake up one morning to find your pet feeling a bit “under the weather”. He has been laying around more than usual, and he won’t accept even his most favorite treats. You see him attempt to get up from laying down, but his energy is just not there. You hear his stomach grumbling and he begins to vomit. You feel concerned and wonder if he is going to be okay. How do you know when vomiting is occurring from more than just a temporary upset stomach?
What Is Vomiting?
Vomiting is the forceful ejection of unwanted food or liquid through the mouth from the stomach. It can be caused by a variety of concerning issues. Vomiting can be an indicator of some serious health conditions.


Reasons Your Cat is Vomiting:

Most often we hear about cats and hairballs. Cats can vomit up hairballs frequently, but when is it considered to be more than just a hairball?

Here are some signs that your cat is projecting more than just a hairball:
-You notice vomiting that is produced without food content. Most hairballs will produce a vomit with undigested food matter
-Your cat has been vomiting after every meal
-Vomiting becomes persistent and frequent
The following health concerns could be the cause of vomiting in cats: gastroenteritis, diet changes, food intolerances, intestinal foreign bodies such as toys or hairballs, intestinal parasites, acute kidney failure , acute liver failure or gall bladder inflammation, pancreatitis, post-operative nausea, toxins or chemicals, viral infections, and certain medications can cause stomach upset and vomiting.

Reasons Your Dog is Vomiting

The following health concerns could be the cause of vomiting in dogs: gastroenteritis, toxin exposure, pancreatitis, stomach ulcers, infections, kidney and liver problems, infections, foreign bodies, diet changes, bloat, heatstroke, certain medications, and more.

When To Visit the Veterinarian

If vomiting persists for more than a day and your pet has any symptoms such as the following:
There is blood in the vomit
Your pet is painful when touched, especially in the abdominal region
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