What is Laser Therapy?

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The Benefits of Laser Therapy Treatments for Pets
Reducing Pain, Inflammation, and Speeding Up Healing and Recovery Time

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is an FDA-approved therapeutic treatment that is used for reducing pain and inflammation associated with a variety of medical conditions. In addition to reducing pain and inflammation, laser therapy can also help promote faster healing and recovery times. South Town Animal Hospital uses laser therapy treatments to help improve and reduce symptoms of certain medical conditions.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?    

South Town Animal Hospital uses the ‘Companion’ laser system, which sends light energy deep into the tissue so that the cells can stimulate a healthy chemical change, leading to stimulation of healthy energy within cells. The energized cells are then able to be rejuvenated and repaired, which leads to healthier cells and tissue within the body. The cells are able to rejuvenate more quickly and repair damage.

What Can Be Treated With Laser Therapy?

Many medical conditions may benefit from the use of laser therapy. Laser therapy treatments can help speed up the healing and recovery time in patients suffering from a variety of conditions such as pain, arthritis, allergies, post-surgical healing, lick granulomas, neurological conditions, wounds, fractures, and more!

How Laser Therapy Can Benefit Your Pet?

The effects of laser light therapy are very beneficial as they help target pain, inflammation, and speed up wound healing recovery time. Your pet may feel relief the very first day of treatment, and most owners notice their pets feeling relief within the first few sessions of treatment.

Is Laser Therapy Painful to my Pet?

In addition to it’s wonderful benefits, laser therapy is not only relaxing, but-pain-free.
Each laser treatment requires different treatment time and frequency. Based on your pet’s condition, he or she will have a plan created to utilize the best treatment possible for optimum results.

For more information or to schedule an evaluation with our doctors please contact South Town Animal Hospital at 847-695-7387.  You can also visit the Companion Therapy Laser Therapy website for further information by clicking here.

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