Helpful Tips For a Happier Cat Vet Visit

Cat named Rusty


Does your cat fear visiting the veterinarian? We have many helpful tips in creating a pleasant, peaceful atmosphere for your favorite feline friend to feel more relaxed and assured that everything will be okay before, during, and after his exam!


Just like people, it is best for your cat’s health to have their yearly check up! Whether you have an “indoor” or an “outdoor” cat, a yearly examination by a veterinarian is needed when it comes to preventing and protecting your cat’s overall health.

So, it’s that time of year again. You want to schedule an appointment for Tiger’s yearly exam, and you begin to remember the last time you tried bringing him to the vet. It didn’t go as you had planned. You pulled out his pet carrier, he ran away, and it was impossible to coax him out from under your bed. He wouldn’t budge,and you missed his veterinarian appointment. This fearful response of running away can keep Tiger from receiving the vet care that he needs to be healthy. So what can we do to make his experience a positive one? In order to answer these questions, we need to understand why Tiger is responding this way.

Cats are very cautious in nature and they tend to proceed with a high level of caution especially when being exposed to unknown items and people. When thinking about a cat’s natural instinct to proceed with caution, a pet carrier is unknown, in nature, and it can create many anxious thoughts when introduced for the first time. There is a lot of uncertainty that can arise when a plastic box with a metal-barred door is placed into a cat’s home. Tiger will most likely have no understanding of the pet carrier when it is first introduced to him, and if he has been introduced to it before- he may already have fearful thoughts and memories. Oftentimes, a pet carrier signals negative memories because  of a loud, bumpy, scary car ride, or a trip to a veterinary clinic or pet store that had been filled with different sounds and unfamiliar scents. The good news is that there are many ways to create a positive association with pet carriers so that Tiger can experience what should be felt when visiting the Veterinarian- security, love, and most importantly- in addition to receiving the quality medical care he needs.

Want to know how to keep your feline friend feeling happy, safe, and secure when making trips outside of your home? Read our tips below for ways to ease pet carrier anxiety, and learn more about how South Town Animal Hospital is here to help provide comfort to your furry friend!

Ways to Ease Pet Carrier Anxiety

  1. Leave the pet carrier out for a few days, or even a week or two prior to an appointment. When left out, he can explore it anytime he wants, and his anxiety will be reduced after observing it and realizing that it cannot do anything to harm him.
  2. Put his favorite toy or blanket into the pet carrier. Familiar scents are very calming to him. Then, when he enters the clinic- he will have his own scents with him to comfort him.
  3. Take a short drive around your neighborhood with your cat in his cat carrier and then go straight home after.
  4. Plan a few trips to the animal hospital just for fun and treats; this will help ease his nerves next time he enters the veterinary clinic.

South Town Animal Hospital Is Here to Help Provide Comfort to Your Pet

  1. Feliway pheromones are plugged into our walls and diffused 24/7 to mimic your cat’s natural calming pheromones to help cope with stressful situations.   
  2. Our staff practices fear-free techniques so that we can give your cat more cuddles, TLC, and an overall happy experience!
  3. We provide tasty treats that your cat will love!
  4. We play soothing music that is made just for cats and is specifically designed to promote relaxation and a calming environment.

If your cat is still feeling fearful after trying these techniques, he may be able to try an anti-anxiety medication fit for his very specific needs. He will first need an examination in order to see if an anti-anxiety medication is safe for him to try.

Would you like more information?  We’d love to answer your questions! Call us today at (847) 695-7387.  

**Rusty-the gorgeous cat in the photo is available for adoption! Click here for more info on this beautiful boy.


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