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South Town Animal Hospital recognizes that we are in a changing world and everyone is busy with even less time for social interactions. Considering this is the case we wanted to send out a warm hello to all of our caring clients and fun-loving patients that we have the privilege of serving. We thank you for giving us the time and opportunity to do the things we love most, which is caring for your pet. In order to best serve you and keep you informed, South Town Animal Hospital wanted to share some information with you to keep you up to date on how we are operating and any new happenings in the clinic.

First off, let’s talk teeth! February is National Veterinary Dental Month. During this time we have decided to share our care by providing some discounts to our dental services. If you schedule your pet’s dental procedure in the month of February, you can receive a $50.00 savings on the dental cleaning. We will also be providing you with a complimentary at home dental care kit, to be more proactive on your pet’s oral health. Proper dental care can highly increase the overall health, happiness, and longevity of your pet’s life. If you are interested in getting your pet on point with great oral care give us a call at 847-695-7387, email at, or chat with us on our South Town Animal Hospital app.

Moving on, we are still running curbside for all of our services with the exception of humane euthanasia appointments. I know this can be difficult for some, but rarely do we get to explain the reasons and benefits of operating in this fashion.

What actually is curbside care?

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic many animal hospitals, like ours, have chosen to run their operations curbside. This means that essentially all services are performed inside,while you stay in your vehicle. Think about it as a drive through service. You get to stay in your own safe, comfy personal space, while we take care of your furry babies inside the building.

How does curbside care work?

When you get to the parking lot, you remain in your vehicle and either call or text the office to signify you are here for your appointment, med/food pick up, or treatment admission. For examinations and treatment admissions, your technician will speak to you over the phone and come out to get your pet. The doctor will then do a full physical examination and call you to discuss findings and prior to any necessary diagnostics or other procedures they may need to perform. After the appointment is finished your technician will bring your pet out to you and customer service will check you out over the phone.

How does curbside care benefit everyone?

South Town Animal Hospital is a small staff of 16 people. The risk of mass spread of Covid 19 is very high in our environment. We have to work in very close proximity to each other and our patients in small spaces. Considering we are such a small staff illness can be debilitating to the practice. This leaves us unable to care for your furry family members. We want to continue to provide proper care to your pets and curbside allows us to do so.

Not only does curbside lessen the spread of Covid, it also enables you to remain comfortable in your own space. Inquire for a bottle of water, if you are thirsty. If you would like to run an errand or get a bite to eat while you wait, that works for us too. We can take care of your loved one while you get things done! You don’t even have to get out in the cold, rain or snow. South Town Animal Hospital is here to make you comfortable.

How will my pet do without me?

We all worry about our loved ones when we are unable to be by their side, but in most cases, pets do great. Sometimes pets tend to feel more protective when their family is in sight. Without the concern of having to watch over their people, pets can feel more calm and in return doctors can do what needs to be done. On an examination table pets allow veterinarians and technicians to do so much more due to the change in environment as well. This makes it more efficient for us to take care of your pet.

Please remember that we love animals and would not be doing what we do if we felt otherwise. The gratification that we receive from our chosen occupation comes from ensuring your cat or dog is healthy. We want to ease your concerns while they are in our care.

South Town Animal Hospital also understands that in these times the way that we have to approach situations is fluid and ever changing. We will constantly be reevaluating our policies to best suit our patients, pet owners and staff.

We know that continuing curbside care we greatly miss out on connecting with you. We miss the hospital chatter, the updates on your families and just seeing your smile. Did you know we are on multiple social media platforms? Follow us on Twitter @southtownanimal, Facebook at South Town Animal Hospital, TikTok @ Southtown1944, or you can contact us on our website at We love to re-connect and hear from you! We also have a South Town Animal Hospital app were we can chat as well. Check out your Google Play Store or App Store to find the awesome, free app! You can also receive reward points or request appointments or medications on the app. It is a great tool to have all around.

Lastly, to keep up with rising costs of healthcare supplies and services, we have had to increase some of our prices as well. Please remember that during this time we have felt the pressure of inflation the same as others.

Finally and most importantly South Town Animal Hospital wants to thank you for the continued care in our small business. We take pride in our work and want you to know that we are always here to listen to questions and concerns. We love each and every one of our patients as if they are our own pets and hope to continue to care for them in the future.

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