Top 4 Signs Your Pet Has Allergies

When an animal’s immune system recognizes everyday substances (allergens) as dangerous-your pet will show symptoms of allergies. Some pets may have extreme reactions to these allergens which include trees, grass, mold spores, feathers, cigarette smoke, fleas and food-just to name a few.


Here are the top 4 signs your pet has allergies:

1. Licking, chewing, scratching and hot spots – Inflammation of the skin from contact with allergens can leave your pet feeling miserable.
Some pets will lick, chew, or scratch the area to alleviate the discomfort.

2. Ear discharge, scratching or head shaking – Allergens entering the body can cause inflammation which can quickly lead to an ear infection.  Ouch!

3. Itchy runny and/or red eyes – Allergens enter the body and can cause your pet to rub her face or paw at her eyes.

4. Nasal discharge and sneezing – Pets use their nose to explore their environment. Once in the nasal passages, allergens can cause

Allergies can make your pet quite uncomfortable. Recent advances have been made to treat pets with allergies and keep them comfortable so they can focus on being your best friend. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 847-695-7387