Non-Adjuvanted Vaccines Are Best for Cats

Non-Adjuvanted Vaccines Are Best for Cats
South Town Animal Hospital selects and administers only high-quality, non-adjuvanted vaccines to fit the delicate needs of our feline patients.


What Exactly Is A “Non-Adjuvanted” Vaccine?
An “adjuvant” is an irritating chemical present in some vaccines that felines have a higher sensitivity to than humans, dogs and other species. How do adjuvants affect cats? Unfortunately, vaccines containing adjuvants raise the risk for a Vaccine Site Sarcoma- a malignant and often fatal type of cancer.

Why We Use Non-Adjuvanted Vaccines
South Town Animal Hospital selects high-quality, non-adjuvanted vaccines to ensure a safer administration and a healthier preventative for our patients. The risk of a Vaccine Site Sarcoma is almost completely eliminated by the use of this specially formulated non-adjuvanted vaccine.

Which Feline Vaccines are Provided at South Town Animal
RCCP (“Feline Distemper”)
Feline Leukemia
Rabies 1-Year and Rabies 3-Year

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