Canine Influenza Is On The Decline

As summer rolls along we wanted to provide a current update on the Canine Influenza outbreak in the South Elgin area. South Town has not seen any suspected influenza cases in over 4 weeks.


In the absence of new cases, it is acceptable to resume your pet’s normal social activities.  However, our veterinarians recommend taking the same precautions for Canine Influenza that you would for other Canine Infectious Respiratory Diseases such as “kennel cough”. These respiratory viruses are spread from direct dog to dog contact, through contaminated objects, or through air.  Be cautious when frequenting places where these viruses are commonly spread, including:  doggie day cares, dog parks, groomers or any other place that dogs congregate. 

All dogs at South Town receive a risk evaluation for Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease during their annual preventative exams.  

If you dog is exhibiting any of the following signs, please contact us.
Lack of Appetite
Rapid Breathing

We are here to help.  Call or email us with any questions. 847-695-7387