Maddie started as a Customer Service Representative for South Town Animal Hospital in March of 2017. A recent graduate of Carthage College, she majored in Political Science with a Public Law Concentration and a minor in Theater. Through prior job experience, her interest in Customer Service coupled with her love for working with animals brought her to South Town. Maddie’s ultimate goal is to someday be a human rights advocate. In the mean time, she is glad to be a part of helping pets have healthy longer lives.

Her warm welcomes are always met with wagging tails. Maddie truly feels there is nothing better than that! She sees how pets constantly bring so much ‘pure joy’ to peoples lives and it makes her very happy to have a hand in making them healthy. For her own enjoyment she has multiple hobbies. Theater is where her interest lies most along with volunteering, politics, music and art. Maddie feels joy in life comes from helping those who cannot help themselves.

As far as she can remember there has always been a pet in her family. The very first was a dog named Harley. Then a chihuahua named Godzilla and a pit mix named Cyndle followed. Her latest pet is a rescue named Lily, who is a 2 year old tabby colored main coon and has been wholeheartedly welcomed into her family.