• Medical & Preventative Health

    Our preventative medicine approach is as unique as your pet.


    Mainstream treatments combined with therapeutic disciplines, like laser therapy.


    We offer a full range of soft tissue surgeries from routine spays and neuters to more advanced procedures.


    We offer medical services in your home including in-home euthanasia.


Dr. Denise Crittenden

Dr. Crittenden earned her doctorate at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and has been a practicing veterinarian since 1986.

Dr. Mead

Dr. Renée Mead received her Bachelor’s in Biological Science from Oklahoma State University, and earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2008.

Dr. Groth

Dr. Deborah Groth graduated from the University of Illinois in 1999 with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. She has been practicing veterinary medicine in the area for 18 years.

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Our Clients Say

All of our animals, are well cared for and appreciated from the moment we walk in to when we head home, each and every visit. Thank you!

Brian Lane, Parent South Town Animal Hospital Patient

Care, concern and consideration are at the core of all its staff members.

Lois Hince, Parent South Town Animal Hospital Patient

Great vets and staff.

Irene Warsaw, Parent South Town Animal Hospital Patient