Since 2006, Robin has worked with a wide range of animals from goats and sheep to Kinkajou’s and Boa Constrictors. She lives with her three dogs Jessie, Marlow, Luna and her cat Patrick. Her first pet was a grey Schnauzer named Tuffie. Robin feels very passionate about helping and caring for animals, she says, ‘They are so much fun and so interesting”.

Robin is known for being a very caring person who loves to help, making her well qualified for her job as a Customer Service Representative! She started at South Town Animal Hospital in September of 2017 and is currently in training to be a veterinary assistant.

She loves taking her dogs for long walks and watching movies on Netflix, ‘Homeward Bound 3’ being one of her favorites. Her mom has been her greatest inspiration, showing her how to be a helpful and supportive person in life.