Breanne started working at South Town Animal Hospital in August of 2018. Nothing could bring her more joy and happiness than working with animals. She enjoys their companionship and seeing all the different personalities. Helping animals is such a rewarding job for her. She says, “In a way it is almost like helping humans in need and all animals deserve a chance to be happy, healthy and loved”.

Her very first pet was a domestic short hair cat named Bentley. From day one they were inseparable. Her life is now filled with 6 pets named Mac, Leo, Enzo, Rizzo, Cooper and Murphy. In addition to caring for her cats and dogs, Breanne loves her birds. She enjoys their magnificent colors and feathers and is amazed with their long life span.

Outside of work Breanne’s hobbies are fishing, bicycling, running, participating in church and spending time with her family and friends. .