Brittany Faircloth was born on the North side of Chicago, GO CUBS!! She currently lives in the surrounding suburbs. She enjoys outdoor activities, sports, going camping and playing percussion instruments. Brittany has a domestic short haired cat named Tigger who is 15 years old. She says “Tigger has been there for me through more than half of my life”. Though some may say, “he is just a cat”, to Brittany he is so much more.

She has been working in the veterinary field for the past 10 years. Her career started with volunteer work at different animal care and control centers and animal shelters. After becoming a kennel attendant at South Town Animal Hospital she took a position as a veterinary assistant. She is now our Second Lead Technician and works closely with her team to give the best treatment care.

While working in the animal field over the years, she has earned an Associates of Science degree from Elgin Community College and a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology and Sociology from Northern Illinois University.

Brittany is always eager to learn more. She says, “Working with animals has always been a passion of mine and animal cruelty awareness is what lead me to work in the field. The innocence and unconditional love and the inability to stand up for themselves is the reason I want to be an advocate for them and to help them in any way possible. One of my favorite things about working with animals is taking care of their medical needs to reaching better health, and comforting them every step of the way.”.